Learned react recently. It's such an amazing library, way better than Angular for smaller web-apps. Any suggestions to get more in-depth with React, without randomly installing multiple packages doing the same job?

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    How does one not like Angular? :o
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    @olback don't get me wrong, I *love* angular, but angular is just too time consuming to set up for a simple application
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    @MagnumPanda Interesting, I have never tried React or Vue but I can add new features to an angular app blazingly fast.
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    "[...]Any suggestions to get more in-depth with React[...]"
    sure mate, you can look into... oh, wait....

    "[...]without randomly installing multiple packages doing the same job?[...]"
    well... nope sorry 😏
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    @thatsnotnice that's not nice
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    @olback give it a go. My go to framework will always be angular though.
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    @MagnumPanda Sure. JSX/TSX doesn't look particularly nice though πŸ˜‘
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    that's the good and the bad thing of react world.

    you can rely on 2-3 huge big libraries, borrow tools from them and the hope that tree shaking thing in webpack strip off all the unused stuff from your code efficently, or you can include a ton of mini npm tools and try to keep the whole thing maintenable as you like.
    and in between, you'll find a lot of different ways to do the same thing, different style guides, flavours, different ways to test, automate, people using a single redux store, people with classic pub/sub, teams with multiple redux stores behind a custom message dispatcher etc..

    coding in react is almost totally unopinionated, you may like it, you may hate it. i hate it

    if you want some good tips to impreve tho, i'd suggest to follow the AirBnb dev team, they publish some pretty juicy stuff and good articles on medium, youtube, twitter etc.
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    I would look into some of the newer stuff that’s coming out. Like react hooks. But to get more in depth I would have to say learn testing in react. Jest and enzyme is what I use. It was a little tricky to learn testing Async funcs and mocking out stuff. After that I would checkout redux and some middleware stuff like thunks or saga
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