By the sheer number of WAnBLoWs-rants from Linux users where they manage to fuck themselves in so many ways I’ve never even heard/thought of. I’m inclined to think maybe it’s not Windows that is the problem...?

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    But windows is part of the problem. I'm am using Linux most of the time because windows simply crashed too often and I had to reinstall to often but after the install from 1 month ago it has been working rather okay for me.

    I also think that Linux users generally like to play with system configuration files but I that's just not what windows is made for so there's a little conflict I think.
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    I have a windows machine for gaming, tried using it for development, was terrible. Im used to central repos thanks.
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    I've had more trouble with my Linux distros than I ever had with Windows. When the rage subsides I remind myself of all the Linux enthusiasts getting BSOD and other weird stuff I haven't experienced in ages and that what I'm experiencing is essentially the same thing.

    I guess the OS can sense that you're from "the other side" and tries to fuck you over.
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    Thats because people who are happy with it (the vast majority) doesnt rant about it.
    I use it in the Studio and on stage and for programmint for years and had no big problems. 99.9% of the stuff just works.
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    Devs mess with operating systems. The difference is that if you fuck up in Windows you're screwd. If you fuck up in Linux just plug in a live USB and problem solved (most cases)
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    And a lot of people are using Linux just because they like it and it works as they want. And for a lot of people it just works out of the box. Some like to config it in every little way and some does not. And the FUD goes both way and you can blame both sides for screwing things up.
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    I simply can't use windows for what I do. Next to the fact that I actually am a Linux server engineer, I don't do much system tweaking; dark theme, lemp stack and that's about it.

    But, I can't work properly without my aliases and custom scripts (literally just custom bash scripts in the /usr/bin directory).

    I haven't had a single crash in years but when still using windows, we had multiple a year and we grew fucking tired of that.

    Next to that I don't trust the system a single bit for multiple reasons so I wouldn't use it out of free will.
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