Me sends the laptop to hibernate to get off the train. As usual, the laptop goes to hibernate and shuts off after a few seconds. Not today, today it decided, it likes it much warmer than healthy for it and now I'm sitting here with a hot laptop in thermal emergency shutdown. Damn it

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    Do not hibernate and move your laptop around, it’ll damage the HDD, I’ve seen too many of them. It’s fine if it isn’t optical drive
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    @devTea isn't hibernate supposed to write the entire state and turn off, so even if you lose power, you can later still restore from that written file, what you mean sounds more like sleep.
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    @JoshBent wait, I thought both are the same. Unless I’m sure The laptop is not moving around, I always shut it down
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    @devTea hibernate flushes your ram into a file and then turns the machine off, once booting that file gets detected and loaded into ram, that's at least my knowledge of it, where as sleep keeps ram state powered, though not sure what happens with the drive in sleep.
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    Just remove the batteries. Hard resets aren’t that bad.
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    Normally it stops the HDD and it gets completely silent.

    @matste Windows would like to have a word with you. (No longer an issue since my switch to linux)
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