I'm starting to have suicidal thoughts though the Javascript and the whole frontend.

Is anyone looking for a Ruby Developer with 2 years of experience with Ruby, 2 years with pure SQL databases and half year with React?

I don't want to see only Javascript for 8 hours per day for the rest of my life.

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    Javaacript fatigue gets the best of us man. Is there a particular issue u are having?
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    Typescript, is the answer to most of your problems probably 😉
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    @AleCx04 My issue is the JavaScript
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    @h4xor some do and some don't i guess 🤷‍♂️

    I have been working with JS when it was just used for funny stuff on the browser. Then with ASP i was able to give it a whirl on the server with JScript. When Node came out I was ecstatic. The lang has evolved nicely for me. But i get why some people would have an aversion to it.

    Hooe you find better days with it my dude :)
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    @badgamernl also with TS you have the dependency shitstorm.
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    @JohnDoesNot well if you want a nicer version of js you need to compromise on something, and isn't nodejs already a dependency shitstorm? Aren't there tools to make it less of a shit storm (yarn)? Build tools to compile all those dependencies into a nice package that has all stuff that is not used filtered out? I think saying typescript adds a shitstorm of dependencies is true but also not. Once you get into the type flow you cannot live without just because you spend more time coding. Compared to normal js where that time is spend debugging / figuring out what all the code does?!
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    Curious about what language you use for react
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    @badgamernl write typescript feels good, but soon you will forget all the tricks for js you’ve learned over the years. And then learn them again 🤦‍♂️
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    @sunfishcc es6 with babel
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