Just noticed that, at my school, the "sysadmin" forgot to put the password on one of the switches. That means I'm gonna have some fun, nothing that will get me in trouble, I'm just gonna mess up with the config a little bit so that he understands he fucked up.

I'm pretty surprised that none of the students discovered this, but I mean, none likes IT at my school. And guess who likes it but didn't take that "course"? Me.

In Italy, we don't have courses, you decide what you gonna do for the next 5 years, and changing isn't very easy. All and all I'm happy with what I chose, I'll have a better resume than them.

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    I'd advise against doing anything. I've seen people expelled for "harmless fun" on admin accounts they shouldn't have access to. Maybe you could just take the issue to IT and let them know?
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    You have a friend.
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    Did something similar, but I simply got myself free Wifi by activating and setting password on a router with admin-admin.
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    @Joni4Games I already have free WiFi, we stole a teacher's password.
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    @Gianlu GG

    but our teachers neither have WiFi nor Internet at all at school. Even the internet in the computer rooms is like 1-2 MBit.

    Poor Germany here :/
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    The sysadmin was a fool for leaving it default (or not setting a password).

    But, messing with the config just gets him/her in a lot more trouble than necessary. Don’t be that guy. Inform the IT department or whoever and say you found a vulnerable device.

    You’ll likely be praised, and the guy/girl won’t get into that much trouble.

    If you do login to the device, don’t do it from your personal device (phone or laptop). If the sysadmin gets in trouble , and he/she finds in the log the device that logged in and made trouble (and you used a personal device) boy oh boy are you going to have a bad time.

    Take it from someone who was a sysadmin many a year ago (and was naive).
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