What a stupid configuration of firewall at my work:

devrant -> blocked because of entertainment category.
xvideos -> no problem at all.

Conclusion: sysadmin likes watching porn.

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    Owing to his job nature, you shouldn't be surprised. One of the boring jobs.
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    I understand the pain. I bought a VPN for my phone so I can at least have freedom on my phone at work.
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    Go to translate.google.com enter devrant website under french to English translation
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    Wait. You tried to access xvideos at work?
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    Is Hentaihaven blocked?
    if not, you know what's going on...
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    Solution: VPN
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    @namenlossss Or setup your own VPN server. Google's Outline is an interesting option too.
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    Hqporner is better 😉
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    How do you know Xvideos is not blocked? 🤔
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    If you don’t yet have a vps, now is the time to get one!
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    Nobody gonna mention DNS over TLS..? No? Awh:(
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    Network admin != system admin
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    I still think devrant makes for the longer rest room visits...
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