Not entirely sure if it counts, but Postman.

Used to be a simple, yet efficient tool for integration testing. And nothing more. Now it's a bloated, convoluted resource eating piece of bling-bling that tries to do a shitload of stuff, but only does them in a mediocre way.

Meh, while I was typing this I realized what a comfortable life I lead if I complain about something like this. Oh, the perks of being a middle class white man working in the tech sector...

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    I was super late, discovering postman, but I hated it immediately. The fact that there's no response history, and no json querying is a total dealbreaker for me. Insomnia for life.
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    @bahua what do you use then?
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    I guess he uses insomnia, which is a REST client
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    Maybe it's obscure enough that it wasn't obvious when I said it. I use Insomnia.

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    The best client I found is Paw too bad its only for mac, but it lets me add documentation for each endpoint I call, and it is written in Objective-C making it less resource consuming than Electron (if I'm not mistaken that's what Postman uses)

    I like Insomia too, lightweight and does the job
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    @bahua ++
    The day I stumbled on insomnia was the day I told postman I would never look back!
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    Insomnia looks nice, shall look forward to checking that out later
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    There is an extension for vs code that allows you to create requests in the text editor that looks quite nice too https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/...
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