Manager: Unit testing is not our priority.
Me: What exactly is our priority?

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    Being a God that doesn't make any mistakes is usually priority in that case.
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    Maybe he meant something different? I mean he'd have to be mad otherwise lol
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    Its sad that so many people don‘t see the importance of well tested code ...
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    Hope it works is our priority 🤔
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    You don't always have to unit test code. Some code is not really unit testable (eg. database code), some code is not complex enough to need testing (getters, setters).
    Even when it would be sensible to write unit tests, the situation could be such that writing unit tests is not feasible because of budget and/or time shortages.
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    I’ve legit had someone say “we don’t unit test here, we pay our developers to write working code, not broken code”

    On the one hand I totally get their reasoning, but on another... 🤷‍♂️ 👎
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    Whatever makes the most $
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