So I wrote a code in HTML and js that puts an alert on the screen that says "all of your info is mine now, goodbye" and then redirects you to the nyam cat site

I sent it to some of my friends to have a little laugh but they have sent it to other people and eventually the school principle called me and told me to go to her office and retrieve all the data I stole

I went there and explaind her the prank but she didn't believe me
So she called the programming teacher to check the file
She laughed as hard as I've ever seen anyone laughing and told me to go back to class

It was scary and funny but the thing I've learnt is that it's stupid to prank ignorant people.

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    Luckily your teacher wasn't retarded 🀣
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    lol! good that the principle checked with the teacher. πŸ˜‚ otherwise you might have been in serious trouble
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    @irene yeah I was lucky
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    Imagine your teacher was retard and thought that you indeed stole the data, if that happened and i was at your place I wouldn’t know whether to cry because they accused me of stealing or because i was teached by a retard teacher.. 🀣
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    @echonox I think I would just break out in tears of laughter while telling them how dumb their teacher choice is
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    Reminds me of a GIF I did once.

    Now remember folk, this isn't real OK !

    I left it on my website under a button labelled "Do not press me!".

    Then had a whole forum of IT experts advice me on how well I had designed/written my site...

    In the URL at the end when you pressed the button, it said: virus.gif

    Nearly caused a mass panic as half of them thought they had just got infected !

    The other half, nearly wet themselves with laughter at the first half. :-)

    Note: old school gif, so may not display correctly on all browsers..

    So I also learned the lesson there, don't prank anyone, even experts !
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    Its dangerous to prank ignorant people... And russian mobsters and their mailing.
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    @notlikethis I 100% percent will
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    That was before we had picture viruses..

    Which at the time, most of the experts said was impossible !

    So impossible many wasted days reinstalling their OS. :-)

    Related link:

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    @Santaclauze is that advice coming from personal experience?
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    @bioDan viral video of a decade ago id say. Guys hides in a posting box and checks posted letters out in front of surprised posters. One person did it once, twice then brought his gun out and unloaded it.

    Hidden camera prank stopped.
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    It's also a waste of time to prank ignorant people.
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    @Nanos How bad does your software as to be so that people can gain access with an image
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    @-vim- as bad as many sites vulnerable to xss
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    The noob principal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    At least you didn't take the case off of a clock and bring it to school and show it off despite being warned not to.
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    @Santaclauze The guy brought his gun out and fired it?
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    @GMR516 lookit up. Its almost a classic.

    “Hidden camera death” should bring it up.
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    This reminds me about the guy I want secondary school with who got a permanent exclusion for "hacking". All he did was use a ireless keyboard and mouse to prank the teacher during a history class.
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