tldr: my classmates suck and I hate them
We study cs in school, and my classmates are super dumb.
Here is an example from today:
The task: build an http server in python, using sockets.

My classmates: writes everything in the main function, uses try-expect for everything and every error possible, nothing works, nothing worked after a week.
Me: properly separated to different functions, used goddam regrx to get data from requests, used asyncio to make sure it can handle multiple requests at the same time, everything worked after 2 hours.

But, and here is the problem, after I finish they ask me a bunch of dumb, 'Just Google it dude' questions and they call me condescending because I get mad after the second hour of teaching them the same thing.
Once they told me:"you think you are a better programmer then us" and I just want to say this out loud: I AM A BETTER PROGRAMMER THEN THEM, THEY ARE THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW YOU SHOULDN'T DO ANYTHING AND I HATE THEM.
That's it, I'm done. I feel much better now.
PS: it's okay to suck at programming, but please stop thinking that everyone who's better than you is condescending.

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    Had a similar experience except what i wanted to shout was: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJORS IF YOU SUCK AT PROGRAMMING. funny thing is they believe it is normal and actually praise themselves infront of other people as if they actually know shit related to CS. Some wanted to find web dev jobs with never even trying html before because they think the fact they wrote a simple loop in java class is impressive.
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    Cs is full of math
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    @AymanH this, too.
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