I'm looking for a paid tutor to teach me vuejs. Lemme know if anyone is interested.

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    With all free quality content for vue?
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    Unless you have very specific requirements, why not sit down and go through docs/online tutorials, make projects, and eventually understand Vue properly? You have to put in the effort on your own.
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    @RememberMe yeah exactly. 2 years ago when vue was not the top framework yet I found very good tutorial on laracasts. Now there are many more free tutorials/courses so I dont see the problem
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    try the official Vue tutorial
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    Actually I tried the official guide and few tutorials. I didn't understand how to fit those concepts in a production grade app. I specifically want to learn about vuex, vue router and how to structure a production grade app. I'm comfortable with JavaScript and also made an app using express web framework.
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    Yes, I'm comfortable with js
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    What you need is just a good project idea that leverages the Vue concepts, and eventually some source code of projects in order to see how it can be used. But don't go pay for a tutor man
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    @ohemelaar I tried man. I didn't find any of documentation useful apart from the basic stuff.
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    @Hubot-0x58 I don't want the whole course. Just vuex, vue router and structuring a production grade app.
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    I can teach you! Give me 5 days to learn myself 😂

    Seriously though: listen to others and try some simple project in vue. Explore as you hit problems.
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