Lol I suck. Learnt coding without a degree in it, enough to be functional. Got an internship at a good place. Made code that worked but didn’t know enough on documenting and testing and can’t give enough time anymore on it to make it reproducible.Actually joined a CS program this fall!

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    Congrats man! Have fun!
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    You don’t suck, you did something I never do, and enrolled.

    If the courses offer you something you can’t learn on your own, there’s no shame in that. Good luck 👍
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    never say that

    i bow down to everybody who codes and doesnt go to a fucking college

    anyone who does that has my respect for bravery to stand out

    you dont suck. you would be surprised how much lower you will degrade yourself when you go to college because college assumes you dont know anything

    you will see

    i regret going to college

    sacrificing the best years of a human life chasing a fucking illusion known as degree and not actually learning anything valuable/adaptible/practically useful because they teach technology that worked 25 years ago

    college is built for people who are unmotivated to learn by themselves and dont know what they want to do in their lives
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    I regret going to collage, most of the learning material is outdated, and you will be better of using any online platform or just learn by reading documentation.

    Just giving a fair warning 😁
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    You don't suck and you know it. Stop beeing humble. Go and rock hard. :P
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    @SukMikeHok that is an extremist mentality. Your college must have definitely sucked.

    Computer science is what it sounds. A Science. Engineering is a science. If you have the motivation to learn web dev by yourself and branch into other topics then fine. But as the science that it is...it needs to be carefully studied in a higher learning institution. Specially if you want to work in a stem field.

    I am sick of these script kiddies that degrade schools thinking they are hot shots for being able to code helloWorlds without a college degree.
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    Thanks y’all. I did a screw up on my project a bit. How much importance do you guys lay on the presence of a good mentor? Or is the onus on the programmer to do the work to perfection ( sometimes it might be harder to actually know what that means!)
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