Thought the day would never come but... I'm starting to hate android as an operating system...

It's just becoming so inconsistent and fragmented, it's almost at windows level of inconsistent.

Now either google should start regulating the app store and android itself or completely ditch android as a complete stand alone OS.

I would personally seperate android into a runtime and focus on fuschia by building the android runtime into it, that way it could pull system UI element design and such rather than have the user build apps that look completely out of place and don't follow rules like dark mode, theming and the such...

I'm not going to jump ship into iOS because fuck iOS but just really hope google really starting tightening android up else I feel like it's just going to starting breaking more and more into a steaming mess.

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    I think it has only become more consistent. And I don't think every app should look the same. Especially not the icons. It's hard to differentiate if everything has the same shape. Each app should have a design that best suits the purpose of the app.
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    Project treble should help with fragmentation some what
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    @electrineer true but I mean take dark mode for an example, all there apps that impliment it have the option tucked away somewhere different, messages has it in the dropdown menu, YouTube has it hidden 4 options deep and the other are all in random settings
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    @lxmcf well youtube has it under general, which is never a good category for anything. I think all Google's settings are confusing.
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    @terraria99 the problem is that the fragmentation exists at the OS level. For example, in order to turn off vibrations you literally have to do it in every app. Same for peeking, and that's only if the developer has implemented that into their app.

    One of the most disgusting things I've seen recently was that in order to silence hangouts vibrations, you had to do it for each individual conversation you had.

    Android has a big problem with fragmentation. Some of their UI design decisions as of late are also similarly alarming. As for hardware...they couldn't get that nailed on their flagship either. *Cough* 4gb of ram *cough*.

    I'm hoping someone comes in and tells them that putting OS-level settings in the hands of the developer is a bad idea, perhaps hire a UI manager that follows standards, and consider putting better hardware in a $1000 phone.

    Too much apple, not enough beet.
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