Although my profile is of full stack dev but at my company we barely do anything to scale anything.
Whenever I go for any interview, everyone asks me about scaling the application. What should I do?

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    Depends on what they want to scale, or what they want to know you know about it.

    Broad question imho, but yes, I've heard it..

    It's not only about load-balancers, not all companies invest in such infrastructure, and smaller ones don't see the benefit anyhow. It's an option for sure. And a PITA to explain to muggels.. xD

    Running cloud-based servers, which u can scale, clone, backup, and pivot behind a floating IP is another way to go.

    Optmimalizing code by using Processing Queues is another. (Instant responses to the user (202 Accepted), though the server does what it needs to do in the background)

    Now, how else do you think this question could be accomplished?
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    @xewl Interesting. Quite honestly, I don't even know about majority of points that you have mentioned but I'll surely am gonna research about them.
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