Fuck, I aren't getting any new job offer. Life is fucked up at this time.

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    I'm stuck at a shitty job myself, so no way I'm eligible for any advice however, I guess it's time to put your ego away and apply for a hundred jobs of which probably most won't even answer but hey, that's life, it gives the opportunities to people who can bear more rejections than others.
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    @koorosh-m I feel you bro.
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    A wise friend once told me "it's not your job to say you're not qualified enough, it's theirs. So spam those applications". That's how I got a job I'm severely underqualified for = they just didn't know what they wanted and put all the requirements on there. In reality they didn't mind having to teach you basically everything. Crossing my fingers for you and sending good vibes.
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    @Elyz hmm noted.
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    Just update some linkedin sections and you'll pop up abit maybe 😋
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    Welcome to my world
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    Not having any luck here, either.

    Lots of sample projects leading nowhere, lots of spam, and one identity theft scammer disguised as an Indian recruiter.
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