[java] INFO [Initialization:101] FINISHED. The initialization took: 0d 00h:12m:00s:753ms
[java] INFO [Initialization:101] FINISHED. The updating took: 0d 00h:48m:01s:396ms
Total time: 72 minutes 51 seconds

... new (negative) record

... just fyi: no tests have been run, just a regular "hybris initialization" on monday morning ...

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    Where the fuck did you run that build on?? A piece of wood????
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    😂macbook pro 13“ 2015, 16gb ram. I think my sss is the problem...
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    if that's a big project, ok, piece of wood. but if it's a small one, you're probably better off compiling by hand.
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    So you run ant initialize every monday morning? But why? That also drops the database, recreates it and then populates it with data. That's bound to take forever.
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    @Makenshi that‘s the wayhybris works. Yep
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    @git-gud it‘s a huge one
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