It was my first time "cooking" wok with special wok oil and sweet soja sauce.
(You do not cook wok)

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    I see noodles , i ++
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    Wok ❤
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    @Root the taste of sweet soy sauce made it taste bad in general. Next time I will use another sauce.
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    I am searching for the sauce that is used by wok sellers outside.
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    @kenogo thanks :)
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Oyster? 😊

    I adore the flavors and textures woks add to noodles. Oyster sauce is pretty tasty, too.
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    can I git clone recipe?
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    @frickerg Sure, after cloning it, make sure to find a special file. This file "wok_part1.txt" has everything you need.:

    Before starting with our journey, prepare your tools and make sure that everything is safe and clean.

    - put some wok noodles in a pan, spread it so that it completely fills the pan and let it stay like this for now.
    - now, grab another pan and fill it up with water (The amount of water should completely surround the wok noodles in the other yet untouched pan).
    - heat the water-filled pan and let the water boil.
    - after that you fill the wok noodles with the bubbling water from the heated pan
    - let it stay there for 5 to 10 minutes.
    - before you finish it, you put some wok oil (it adds garlic&ginger flavours besides of the oil into it)
    - now comes the end part. Before you serve them on plates, you put some sweet soja sauce on the wok noodles while they are on the plates.
    - congratulations! You are done! (if you do not have other wishes like adding salt and pepper)
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    >sudo nano wok_part2.txt

    - Bali Kitchen Süsse Sojasauce 200 ml
    (we will not empty it for only 200g of noodles. That would be such a waste. We will use 1/4 to 1/2 of it. Maybe 2/3 who knows :D)
    - Bali Kitchen Chow Mein Noodles 200 g
    (weird I have looked it up. On amazon it says "Chow Mein", but it is called "Chow Mien" on the product I have used lol)
    - "Lien Ying Wok-Öl mit Knoblauch & Ingweraroma" (ref: https://lien-ying.de/produkte/oele/...)
    - plates, pans, stove, forks - The obvious shit
    - some water (did not measure it. You get a feeling for how much water is needed after some time)
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- I love you mate
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    A picture of the code I have to deal with
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    I see pasta i fav.

    PS. Im hungry, thanks...
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    for extra awesomeness, add chicken, red pepper and suger snaps
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