Things you shouldn’t be:

1. Racist
2. That guy that interrupts the person next to him while he is trying to write code every 2 fucking minutes and asks dumb and meaningless questions

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    Hey is this possible
    What would the timeline on that be?
    Six months is too long, could you complete it in a week?
    is this other thing possible?
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    0. that guy who sits next to you and interrupts your coding flow with "hey, have a look at this meme" or "wanna know something ridiculous? My windows workstation this morning had no network! Just like every other morning before today!"

    I swear the God...! One day I'll lose it and throw my shoe at you!

    [p.s. I know you're prolly reading this. STOP INTERRUPTING ME FOR NONSENSE!]
    [p.p.s. See you tomorrow]
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    3. Thin skinned.
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