About a year ago, I started a new position as a Full Stack Java Developer. When I started my employer got me a brand new, shiny, Asus laptop. As I prefer Linux (mint) to perform my magic I had to whipe Windows 10 and reinstall it. It turned out that my new shiny laptop was in fact so shiny that Linux (mint) didn't support/contain all the necessary drivers (yet), especially the network/bluetooth drivers and the gfx's drivers turned out a bit of a pain.. Over the year things slowly got better with every new kernel update that came in. However, due to me trying to fix things before those updates, Linux also had become somewhat unstable.

So ... last week I took some time to re-install that laptop and also take the opportunity to upgrade from Linux mint 18 to Linux mint 19 ... or so I thought ... Linux mint 19 was running (very) hot to the point where the laptop would shutdown due to the MOBO's thermal protection mechanims kicking in. ... Ok ...maybe Linux mint 19 was not such a good choice .... let's see if Ubuntu 18.04 is an option ... Nope ... Linux would lock up within a minute after booting up ... no mouse, no keyboard ... nothing. .... *sigh* ... let's (re)install Linux Mint 18.3 again ... and behold, I can start performing magic again.

Linux, it can be such a pain at times. I still prefer it, but running into all those 'weird' things on my laptop when reinstalling, I have to admit I have seriously considered 'just' installing windows 10 again and be done with it. Luckily I could also remind myself of what a pain Windows is to do serious docker/java development in comparison to Linux which gave me the strength to keep going ... :)

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    That's why you shouldn't wipe windows :)
    I'm also a FStack Java dev and I also run Mint on my workstation. But windows is always there. In the shadow. In the everlasting darkness. In the deep deep corner. It's still there.

    As for the HOT CPU -- what were the processes consuming CPU? If none - it's gotta be the GPU, which means you prolly need better drivers.

    As for the ubuntu lockup -- this most likely means that xorg/wayland/whatever you used, as it's responcible for user inputs and graphics outputs, has died. And the most probable cause is.... yeah, you've guessed it. Graphics.

    Find better drivers. I had this problem with my XPS13. Skylake was such a new thing that Linux did not have any official support for it. I used generic drivers for like half a year until skylake got kernel support.
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    Stay strong! Stay on the linux side of life! At least you know under linux what is working and what not. Windows just lets you hanging from one day to another.
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    Linux Mint 19 saved my lubuntu+w10 dual booting on ASUS ass few weeks ago. Long time l/xubuntu user here and Mint doesn't disappoint me so far.

    It's a pretty neat distro for potatoes machines like ours.

    BTW, if you are good with hardwares, try to do some dust cleaning operation on your potato.
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    I just got an Asus Zenbook from my employer. Wiped Windows and installed Arch Linux. It has dual gpu's as long as I blacklist Nvidia and Nouveau from loading in modprobe all works fine without heating issues. If I load Nvidia same thing happens, heats until mobo's kick in.
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    That's the one and only reason why I sometimes prefere to use my MacBook over my Xubuntu Laptop. I really hate the struggle with the drivers. Especially display and audio drivers..
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    @netikras It was the graphics Drivers ... But appearantly my laptop is (was?) so far ahead of it's time it will only operate properly when it's using the 'nouveau' drivers ... Unfortunately, Linux Mint 19 was denying my powers on that matter and would not run properly on either the nvidia, nor the nouveau drivers ... I wasn't prepared to take the time to figure it out again ... so reverting back to 18.3 was the next best option after trying plain ubuntu.
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    and on the matter of laptops/drivers ... I still have 1 annoying issue with the thing ... there's some 'clicking' sound coming from 'inside' when there's activity on my screen. ... sounds like a condensator discharging ... Only 3 more years before this laptop gets replaced, I wonder of my boss will get me a Macbook as a replacement :-)
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    @Hansz heh, yeah, that sound is annoying ain't it. xps13 has it too.
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