Client from hell (if you've read my past rants) came back asking for information that he had provided me months ago.

I'm not your Google Mr client from hell, search it up yourself.

That's what I said, only in my mind though.

Unfortunately, I went to be his Google. Am I too kind? Should I just reply with a nicely worded "I don't know".

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    Yes, you are too kind. Learn to say "no".
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    Can you charge the hours?

    Then it depends on how annoying you really find it.

    Can't you charge the hours, inform him that he is taking important time away from your clients and his paid projects.
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    @MisterArie I can't charge as its more like I've no more official business with him? So I suppose a simple I don't know should work.
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    @DLMousey I gave him a :) and quoted his own message that he sent with the info he needed. Hopefully he understands that the :) isn't just a :)
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    "I am sorry, but I have to currently prioritize paid contracts" is what I often say to either make them pay, wait or be done.
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    @Swift too broad, never allow for interpretation.
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    If was just information, why not?
    I always provide any info my clients ask, as long as it doesn't take more than 5min. I think it helps to keep good long term business relationship.

    In a world where 95% of customers have taken action (e.g. abandoned a business or complained about it to others) because of a negative customer experience, providing more positive support interactions can make a big difference.
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    @nanl depends on the kind of information and what the job was that you did for the client, I had clients that I host a website for call me about their printer at home not working.

    Or that they lost personal files on their computer.

    Well I'm not free tech support, ofc if something I made was unclear I would ofc explain.
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