New job...
No introduction to project
No database overview
No documentation
No commented code

Shit, hope this isn't normal in the industry I have aimed the rest of my life at

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    Well, I have some bad news for you...
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    Shit just got real
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    That's relatively common. The first skill I developed is knowledge-vampirism. You need to find the people in the company who *know*, and politely extract all the information you can :)
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    @Taqriaqsuk that was exactly the first sentence that popped into my head...
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    Damn right it is normal.
    Even in places that have documentation, things get missed. APis go unnoticed, and shit breaks - its usually when something breaks you have the “who around here knows how this old girl actually works” moments.
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    I remember a particular job.

    I asked someone how to do X on the system, "Oh they said, ask Alex."

    I ask where the manual is, to be told there wasn't one..

    I ask a few other folk, everyone said to ask Alex..

    It appeared Alex was the only one who knew..

    Eventually, I find Alex, he's 70+, officially retired, but back on the payroll via an employment agency.

    I strongly suggest to him that if he did a manual, it would help the rest of us for when he died !

    He said he would work on it..

    I often wondered, did he ever finish the manual before he died ?

    I left before I could find out.

    This was the same place, that there was no map of the building, for security purposes you understand..

    Great, I'll just wander around 100+ miles of building and keep asking people where shit is then !

    I thought, this would make a great map for Quake II..
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    Welcome to the industry 😃
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    Unfortunately the real world is just like that
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    Just an idea. Many companies keep track of how many issues you close for promotion. So maybe just handpick a few components, make an issue for docs of each one. Talk to the folks, write the docs and collect the bounty.
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    Welcome to real world bro. . . 😎
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    Well, I guess I always wanted to be a detective anyway
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    > Many companies keep track of how many

    > issues you close for promotion.

    FX [ Remembers previous job.. ]

    I closed several hundred in a couple of years, left with about 3,000+ issues open..
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