Black Friday is the time where you consider to buy a new laptop and finds that laptop companies don't know how to make one for programmers. Either they are shit or they are gamer laptop that have 2~4 GB of video memory you will never use and costs thousands of dollars.
Is it hard to make one with good CPU, RAM and a SSD without concluding that you are a hardcore gamer and you need an expensive video card along with it?

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    Where is our trade discount on computers and associated equipment...
    That's the real question
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    I agree. Sadly devs seem to be a niche market. There's much more money in gaming
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    @njpugh90 We contribute to the industry and get any privilege in return. hahaha
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    Business lines of laptops sometimes have that.
    i5, 16 ram ssd. Intel graphics. Business model of nexoc. Old tho.
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    Et me know when you find something. Not sure if my baby survives another year... So far I'm thinking about a system76 laptop, just because of the linux support...
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    Get a ThinkPad? I got one from my school and it's pretty nice. Don't really know the specs cuz I'm lazy but atleast it has an i7😂
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    Doesn't Ultrabook suffice?
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    @ElixirX ThinkPad is not a bad idea, but it is expensive around here. :(
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    @leoat12 yhea that's true :|
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