My manager wants me to add a caching layer on top of an API in 30 mins. Even to think about which part of the fucked-up system to cache will take more than 2 hours. How is anyone supposed to do it in 30 mins?
I just gave up after about 4 hours. Gonna sleep and start fresh tomorrow. Pretty sure, I'm not gonna finish it tomorrow either.

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    Getting rest and starting fresh is a perfectly sound idea at the end of the day. Don't quit on it tho - despite how godawful the project might be, quitting will not help you. First things first, talk to your manager and calmly explain the situation with arguments. Also, when you do, don't point out how fucked up or screwed the project is, instead, point out that it's difficult or tricky to work with and you're making really slow progress.
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    If the manager has no idea what he is taking about and is not serious at what he says (not serious as in a real fucking clown) then there is no need to take his words literally or seriously.
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    @theKarlisK getting a fresh start was the idea. That caching was done in 30 mins in the morning (just like the manager wanted it)
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    @Teabagging4Life At that point, I wasn't sane enough to figure out if he was joking/serious about it.
    Even when I'm relaxed sometimes it's hard to figure out when someone is joking and when they are being serious. (Unless if it's a close friend)
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