Professor: "Who here regularly backs up all their data?"
*Some people raise their hands*
Professor: "Who has at some point lost their data?"
*The exact same people raise their hands*

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    The only instance of data loss I've experienced was my own fault. (Accidentally wiped an SD card with roughly 400 hours of music; 24 hours of movies; and about half a gig of memes.)

    Now that I've said that, I'm expecting everything to go to shit tomorrow lol
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    @electric-ghost Me too lost my 8 years worth of mp3 too in the past. I took the same lesson and i started to collect flac after it. Now i have them on spotify only :(
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    Most of my nonsense in in someone else's computer (cloud).
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    @illegaldisease FLAC > Spotify though. Luckily, I'm a student, so I can get Tidal Hifi at half price.
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    @aaxa Of course it is, that is why i am sad.
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    @illegaldisease But why are you not collecting FLAC files instead then? Or subscribing to Tidal? 😊
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    @aaxa I am lazy as hell :(
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    I lost all the images from the first 5 years of my kid's life that weren't taken with my phone when my external hard drive crashed. I had about 20 pictures on my phone.

    I still have the drive in case I want to attempt a board swap one day.
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    The second scenario is the reason for taking backups. So basically, he's gone backwards in time with his questions.
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    An internet buddy of mine was always very rigorous about his backups, went to great lengths so secure his data and so forth. Then one day he got mugged on the street and they took his PC and all backups.

    Moral of the story: You can secure things digitally as much as you want, but if you don’t take steps to physically secure it as well, you’re left there kicking rocks and jerking cocks.
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    One copy of the data or it all being in the same location is no backup.
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    i have roughly 1TB of movie and 10 G of music in 2 hard drives.. I have no backup medium as of now.. I should buy one soon..
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    @illegaldisease There definitely isn't a program named after "the things that go on your head for listening to music" that lets you just tell it what you want to listen to and it finds it for you and organizes your library. ;)
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    @On-fire I clearly didn't get what you are trying to say. Did i ever said something even indirectly related to that ?
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    Once when I made a backup of pictures from my dumb phone , it somehow corrupted both the backup and original files during the backup process. Nowadays I store most files in the cloud and take a backup of the cloud on a hard drive every 6 month. This drive is stored in a fire proof safe.
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    @illegaldisease You said you were too lazy to collect FLAC files, so I was hinting at something that does it for you...
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    @disco LOL, I wouldn't say that those go on your head, they are more attached to your head. :P
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    They lost all of their downloaded porn after their gf caught them watching.

    Moral lesson: always backup your important data.
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    @Trablarer be careful with those safes, the rating is based on how well it can protect paper, not a HDD. Paper can be fine at 200C, a HDD will complain at 40C.
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    I lost eight whole months of progress once on a doom mod I was sure was going to change everything. HDD bricking.

    This was before I was a real programmer, or even knew about version control.

    I really wish I could go back and look at my source now, if only to laugh at how little I knew.
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