*tried to install latest intel GPU driver on a notebook*

Intel: this driver isn't design for your system please contact your device manufacturer

*Check again the compatibility list ... The CPU is present*

Me: okay, let's try this one, using display driver uninstaller to clean the old driver, reboot and launch the new one.

Intel: This program will install the new component graphic driver Intel®

Me: Well ... I guess I win this time ?
Still don't know why the previous one seems to block any installation of I don't manually clean it.
My previous version doesn't seems to be specific to anything ...

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    Do you have hybrid graphics or a "discreet GPU" (as in - an additional GPU)? It could be that system had switched over to that and considered it the primary GPU (I think Windows does that because otherwise often Programs and Windows Apps don't know how to select the proper oneand end up crapping out)?
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    I have a GTX850m but I don't think that it's a problem because I have specified the intel GPU as primary manually to be sure to use it everywhere and add manually the games to the Nvidia every time I install one.
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