There should be a bossrant.com where bosses can rant about tech and devs. It would be hilarious.

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    They already rant directly in office.. so.. no need for an online platform
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    "We make an app that collates bird photos. I told my junior dev that the photos had to automatically be tagged with the location they were taken, and he said no problem. I told my senior dev that the photos had to be automatically tagged with the type of bird in the photo, and he told me to bugger off because that would take months of coding effort, apparently. What a moron. I'm firing him tomorrow."
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    Are management bosses, or a seperate species ?

    I tend to view things as, from top down:




    I guess above bosses might be shareholders..
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    I remember my time as a new manager, I didn't bother emailing the IT department to do things, as they never took any notice..

    I'd have to personally walk down there and demand stuff.

    Usually, everyone would be standing around chatting and not doing any work, so I'd demand something to be done, and they would look at me and then say it would be done by tomorrow.

    I'd say, but it only takes you two minutes to do it, I can wait.

    Then they would ask me, how did I know it only took 2 minues..

    Because I have an IT background. :-)

    2 minutes later, its done, I go back to my department.
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    Then there was the time when one of our production line control PC's was being upgraded.

    IT guy arrives with it, plugs it in and starts to walk away.

    Hold on I tell them, you can't leave until its working perfectly.

    Guy explains it worked fine in the IT department.

    I tell him, he still can't leave until I see it working perfectly.

    It boots up, and doesn't work..

    So he sets about fixing it.

    Tells me he can't and needs person X from IT department to help.

    Starts to leave..

    I tell him, you can't leave !

    Phone up and get X here.

    No one can leave until its fixed, I'll lock the doors if you try !

    X arrives, but needs Y person..

    5 IT people later and half the morning, the PC is fixed and working.

    Now, if I hadn't done that, how many months would it be before it was fixed !

    Sometimes you have to be quite firm with folk..
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    As something in between (backend dev + department lead) my main complaints are:

    1. Fuck it's hard to find qualified people, even when you offer plenty of money and are located in a startup city. So many 2-week JS bootcamp kids...

    2. Fuck it's hard to explain to some devs that overengineering can be just as bad as underengineering. No, we don't and won't use microservices for everything. No, you're not allowed to use every single OOP pattern in your feature just to prove you read the book.
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