That amazing feeling when your girlfriend says “you should teach me how to code”

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    That escalated quickly.
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    What if she prefers spaces?
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    What if she is only dating you for free tuitions?
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    @shelladdicted then she's a keeper
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    It's all good until you realize she puts braces on new lines :D
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    It won't last though.. :-(

    I'm reminded of a friend of mine who, oh wait, I can't tell anyone, because if they spot me telling the world, well..

    Lets just say, it lasts as long as she wants you, but as soon as she wants someone else, her interests will change at a drop of a hat.

    As such, advice is, enjoy the sun whilst it shines.
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    @rutee07 @shelladdicted I prefer tabs and braces on new lines so that’s all good

    @Nanos you never know, she might just be the one ;)
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    @Nanos that's why you gotta teach her to code. Once she feels the bliss of finally getting a compilation after hours of chasing nondescript bugs that appear exclusively in deleted forum threads from 2003 and GitHub issues with 200 likes and comments but no solution or update from the maintainer, she'll never be able to get a similar high again. She'll be addicted, unable to want anymore.

    Unless you've got cocaine, that's even better.
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    > might just be the one ;)

    There is no spoon. :-)

    As long as your wallet is large enough, they will be the one.

    I'm reminded of:


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    > be addicted, unable to want anymore.

    Until they bump into a rich TV producer with their own penthouse flat..
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    ha, my girlfriend (now fiance) teached me how to code at the beginning.
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    She's the one dude 💍
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    @Nanos that's where we get back to the cocaine thing he mentioned
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    @pionell I guess she just wanted more job security for both. Marry her, the girls got a plan.
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    @xecute she isn't a developer right now though, I work as a developer, the tides have turned :D
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    Responding "yeah, and you should teach me how to cook and clean", probably isn't the best idea.
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    What if she becomes a better coder than you are and replaces you at your own job?
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