I’ve really been meaning to buy “Introduction to Algorithms” (Thomas Cormen) for a while but I’m seeing a bit of poor reviews on goodreads. Any of you guys read it? Is it good for someone just starting out in software development?

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    I have read a little more than half the book and it is really good. However, it teaches you only algorithms and nothing about software development. If you are interested in studying algorithms seriously and if you have the time and money to spare for the book, then I'd recommend it. Or if you just want to learn some commonly used algorithms and don't want to learn all the rigorous theory behind them, it is easier to learn and practice them online.
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    @rithvikp I was thinking getting a really good grip on algorithms would make me a better developer (correct me if I’m wrong 😅) yeah, I’ve saved up a bit and I’m getting a good deal on it from someone
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    There was a rant the other day which mentioned https://goalkicker.com/ -> it has awesome free books, including "Algoriths Notes for Professionals" with 200+ pages of professional notes which looks promising. It has code snippets and everything!
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    @Suppoze yeah I saw it and downloaded the book. I kind of do better with hard copies though (plus I like to add books to my shelf 😁)
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