I have been up for 3 days now, coding. I am dangerously ahead of master.

To late to turn back now.
This fucker is getting pushed.

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    I suggest you postpone on push and review your changes after a deserved rest.
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    What what... WHAT did you say? ?

    Force push to master?! Right!
    git force push master
    Enter key: *SLAM*
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    Sensible. I've tested it a lot, but I'll test it again when I wake up.

    No I won't.

    I'd like to believe I would though.
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    This sounds like some Haiku or Limerick. You should frame it.
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    When you wake up I would love to know how your push went.
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    @MisterArie I have been testing and nursing this for hours now. Trying to make sure I thought of everything.

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    34 files changed, 1711 insertions(+), 328 deletions(-)

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    I wouldn't trust neither my code nor my tests after being up for 3 days
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    so far, so good

    one tiny error, fixed

    I did forget a few things, but they're relatively minor.

    Still waiting for it.... something went horribly wrong, it had to.
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    @rant1ng as someone who had to apply workarounds and config changes on the fly after that "it'll work surely" bash script failed to execute all the carefully tested and planned operations it was suppose to do and I was yanked from the bed by a phone call.... I really suggest you at least have someone look at those changes.
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    @Gregozor2121 Commit #235: Preparations for update.
    Commit #236: this. is. SPAARTAAA!
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    Well, it's just me. So, any of the shit hits the... well it's my fan.
    Doesn't make it ok.

    But it was a new feature that didn't touch any old features, so I took a risk.

    Still not ok.

    But I think I got lucky. Of course 3 months from now... i might discover a bomb
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    @rant1ng why are you not sleeping yet?
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    @MisterArie asking the real questions here xD
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    Do keep us updated on how you're push went. (After you've slept of course.)
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    Still awake!

    There has been no problems, just some tiny things, mostly being perfectionist.

    I'm looking over my code and I have no idea how I wrote all this. It's like some else did it.

    Someone good.

    I'm getting good at this.

    Spoiler alert : tomorrow I wake up to bugs, and a lot of wtfs as I look over everything

    Good night
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    @rant1ng crazy person, what ya doing
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    @rant1ng for your own sake, I suggest avoiding sleeplessness and sticking to a regular sleep schedule.
    You might think you can handle it fine now, but your brain will get absolutely wrecked in the long run, and your life will be hell.
    Source: am living through it

    Please take care
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    @endor what is sleep
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    @MisterArie something we all disregard far too often :(
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    @endor yeah, I had a fight with clients went drinking and now its 2 days later
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    I've been doing it like this for 2 years. And yeah, I have gone through it, there's consequences.

    But when I really have to implement a feature fast, I feel like the only way to get it done is to stay up until it's done, or reasonably close.

    Otherwise, instead of 3 days, it takes 10, and I really hate when that happens.

    But I am actually worried about my health.
    So... yeah, thanks for the warning.
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    not as fast as you
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    @MisterArie ... baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me...no more...
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    @theKarlisK still drinking vodka and hurting myself more ♡
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