Why windows, surely running Linux would have been cheaper?

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    ..What exactly am I looking at here?
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    @infernalempress u are looking at half a pic of battlefield 1 and OPs penis in the dark on the other half of the pix
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    @infernalempress mouse cursor near right the border of the screen.. About half way up
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    @imerljak you’ve got it, I did almost want to turn it into a game, wishing I had now 😂

    These are all over bristol’s (uk) city centre and probably across the uk, surely it would be more cost effective to run linux
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    @imerljak OH I thought it was OP's system and something was going wrong..didn't pay too much attention in all honesty.

    Yeah I get what you mean now, but you can also basically get rid of the cursors on Windows too, it's fairly easy iirc
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