I'm thinking of getting a laptop for both gaming and video editing. I currently am thinking of getting a laptop with either a 7th gen i5 or 8th gen i5. Is there a huge difference in performance between the two generations? Is the 8th gen i5 core worth the extra money?

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    That is just my opinion, but I wouldn't advise to do any of these two things on a laptop, no matter how great it is.
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    Get a better GPU for the money :)
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    I don't know your situation (financial or otherwise) but considering the usecase I'd highly recommend building a desktop.
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    Not sure which exact cpus we're talking about but the U line of cpus went from dual to quad core between 7th and 8th gen

    Grab a benchmark of those actual cpus you're about to buy. You can't compare them otherwise.
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    @Jilano sadly as I do not belong in the upper tiers of society I have to make certain compromises
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    @thighbaugh I do content creation on the go many times throughout the day using gpu and cpu intensive software
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