Anyone with experience in microdosing psychedelics, how's your experience so far? I'm mostly interested in effects on mood, creativity, and productivity I guess - but feel free to share other aspects of it.

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    Yeah, you gotta be really strict. Or you end up enjoying the world and not being productive
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    But if you get the right dose it works wonders
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    @sabbonaut Yikes! When I say microdose I mean taking it as a supplement in such a way that you don't get any noticable psychedelic effects, on a regular basis.

    Sounds like you've been full on tripping, my dude 😁 I guess that's a topic for another post 🤓
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    @sabbonaut people are going for hppds these days anyway.
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    @sabbonaut I know, and I appreciate it. Kinda weird that the micro had that effect, yeah?

    Good point about the hppd.

    edit: what's one small cap anyways? I'm aiming for 0.1 to 0.2 grams, somewhere along those lines.
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    I guess we've concluded that it's important to make sure you're getting the right dosage. It's very strong medicine after all.

    Another thing is the schedule. I'll be dosing every third day for starters. I think it's to make sure you're not building up a tolerance so that you don't have to dose to "feel normal".
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    @sabbonaut Oh, this reminds me! I've heard that some parts of magic shrooms are more concentrated than others, you must've struck gold with that cap 😬

    We're learning so much: if you're microdosing mushrooms, grind them down into a powder-ish form so that every dose of the same.. err.. amount has the same strength.
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    My boss does this.

    He buys a giant bag of shrooms and a vial of LSD, and makes a bunch of microdose capsules with it. He takes one every so many hours and shares them with his friends and at least one of my coworkers.

    Apparently it helps, but I think it just makes him high and more talkative. And inventive: not everything he comes up with makes much sense. But he's the boss so I still have to do it 🙄

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    Well he can you our party
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    @Root redosing every few hours? Really?

    That seems like a pretty stupid and pointless thing to do to me, considering that a tolerance for psychedelics builds up immediately...

    Not to mention that that's not how microdosing works, your boss is probably just using that as an excuse to trip at work
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    @Krokoklemme I second this. Sounds like someone just getting high at work and tarnishing the name of something that should be done in a responsible way... 😤
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    @SauceBoss NO, don't ever do that!

    To get the euphoria and rush you described one has to take a lot more than a microdose

    Not to mention that taking MDMA over a longer period of time can cause serious health problems
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    @SauceBoss not necessarily. The more common psychedelics (i.e LSD, shrooms, mescaline, etc.) aren't known to cause any long-lasting physical damage, unlike Molly

    If we're talking psychological harm though, that depends: microdosing is very unlikely to cause it and even then, only people genetically predisposed to mental disorders (e.g depression or schizophrenia) are at risk. Everyone else is gonna be perfectly fine, assuming safer-use rules are followed
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    What about just exercising and being on a proper diet? It can be for example keto diet, where you eat high fat and low carbohydrates. Avoid sugar caffeine and vuola you will get stable energy across the day since no sugar spikes will hamper you. And finally look into adaptogens like rhodiola rosea or ashwagandha. They take care of your adrenal glands and regulate hormons, so you will deal with stressful situations easier. Thats it. Exercising, eating healthy and adaptogens. No need to ruin your body with drugs
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    @zemaitis I agree that the big three (food, sleep, exercise) are a priority.

    I'm curious though: you're talking about a natural substance that "take care of your adrenal glands and regulate hormones", but you don't consider it a drug? A drug is per definition something that has a physiological effect.
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    @SauceBoss No matter the dosage or time period? 🤔
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    @SauceBoss i assumed we were talking about the pure substance

    Then you're obviously right, they're not perfectly safe
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    Alright, this is entirely different from your previous post. But, I see where you're coming from. That's why I believe in things that grow naturally.

    But yeah, if your only option is the black market then you have no guarantee that the product you're getting is up to a certain standard. Until your government does the only sensible thing and take business away from laymen and criminal organizations, the best you can do - besides abstaining - is to make sure your retailer has a flawless reputation and use test kits to make sure that what you're getting isn't contaminated. In a lot of ways this just like moonshine during the probation period, legalization is sure to follow.

    To a lot of people this is gambling with your health for all the wrong reasons and I respect that point of view. But there's is also a lot of FUD and misinformation circulating, which is a shame.
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    I wrote my functional programming exam while I was tripping on psilocybe mushrooms. I finished an hour early and got 100% for the exam. I have a tendency of being verbose and focusing on the non-essential shit so mushrooms helped me focus. But I didn't microdose. I haven't microdosed ever because I enjoy the trip once in a while. The trip lives with you for the rest of your life. Enjoy!
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    If you are going to trip move away from the workplace and everything and trip properly to give yourself to time draw the best benefit. Often you need a good set and setting. Just check out what Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Paul Stamen, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and Paul Stamets have to say on the matter
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    Dosed between 0.10 to 0.2 grams of psilocybin every third day, slowly increased the dose for comparison. 0.15 worked best for me. 0.2+ was interesting but not practical for my purposes. I also tracked my mood every day with the app Year In Pixels.

    Was going through a rough couple of months, broke up with girlfriend after 13 years together.

    Microdosing helped my mood. I felt open, social, and positive. I usually cleaned my apartment while listening to music and dancing and singing along. It also facilitated some of the best heart-to-hearts with my ex, it really helped me to go into whatever I was feeling.

    This also resulted in me feeling and releasing some pent up sadness that I'd been carrying around for quite some time. Which is just a fancy way of saying that I cried, a lot. It felt so good, I could just let it go.

    A friend of mine did the same routine, also with positive results.

    Very beneficial for me, one of the best decisions in my life. Took me three years to finally go through with it, mostly because it's taboo where I live, but I'm glad I did. Learned so much. Just the practice of journaling regularly is so good for your well-being... That's it, I guess.
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