I'm forced to open-source all code from my masters thesis as my professor was planning on stealing everything to use as his own.

Anyone ever done such a thing before? anything to bear in mind?

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    Do it. graduate. then 8 months later write a post on Medium.com. Become martyr for devs everywhere/get a shit ton of twitter followers/internet fame
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    If he doesn't credit you then it's plagiarism. If he does it's very good for your reputation. You can't really go wrong.
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    Isn't it better if you push all your code to Github (or some such), then the Internet will remember you as the original author. And, if your professor will have to comply with the open source license you choose. Unless I'm missing something
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    yes what the others said, open source means they have to comply. put it somewhere public.
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    select a strict GPL licence!
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    I feel like this needs a story time!
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