So today I spent most of the day "gaming", basically trying seeing what my PC could handle. It was very disappointing and realized I wasted a while day.

1.Somehow the graphics settings even set to Ultra didn't feel realistic.

2. The games take a long time to download even with Steam... 50-60GB... WTF....

The largest game I ever played on PC before was maybe 4-8GB... (DVDs)

And yes I installed Steam and bought a game (Project Cars 2). The videos looked pretty nice I'm videos but not so in game... (Waiting for refund now)

3. I downloaded some other demos but the setup time and cutscenes took too much time

4. Controls for some games seen to have been ported from console (they were mapped to XBOX buttons?).

I should've stuck to my original plan... Programming, no games

But I think one thing if certain... I will never understand console games (the ones with stories/plots). I'm sticking with arcade or the ones I can cheat thru at most.

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    I think it's one of those things you either like or don't. I'm all about those games and don't see the point if there's no backstory to the game 😂 and I think it's just a thing in general with steam to be slow af. At least that's the impression I get from all my friends.
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    And then there is me. Playing dota on warcraft 3
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    @Charon92 elite in vr makes you feel your flying a spaceship
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    If you want realism, buy Assassin Creed Odessy or Ghost Recon Wildlands, not a car game.
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    @Charon92 well I got a new PC and I wanted to see what the gfx card could do... Can't tell if the card is shittier than I thought or the game settings are bad.
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    @PrivateGER ill try and see if there's a demo. I'm basically just using it as a gfx card test
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    Had the perfect game all along... Forza 4 Demo via Microsoft Store... lol... Ironic....

    So it looks like this card is at least at good as an XBOX.
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