any ios devs here?

i'm a fifteen year old dev collaborating with a friend and we made an app - in flutter. android we are planning on publishing, but on ios we can't afford to pay the $99 to publish. we can't even compile it on a hackintosh. if anyone is willing to compile our app and give us an ipa (or publish it), we would really appreciate it!!!

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    I think you can compile your app with appCenter
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    @PJesus i think that may be our solution. looks a lot better than renting a mac, thanks you!
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    Cause Apple loves young developers, you can’t put apps on the app store unless you’re 18. I had to make an account for my Dad and use his details as im only 16. For building iOS apps you could set up a virtual machine with macOS and build it on there.

    I know this rant is old but it just showed up on my feed.
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    @githelp yeah i can lie about my age, but i need $99 for a certificate and ios developer account
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    @calmyourtities Time to get a job lol
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    @githelp don't have much time with soccer and school, i do trade stocks though
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