who wants to chat?

I saw a rant about how we should have a chat feature. I agree with many of you that it's a good sounding feature that will immediately be terrible.

but discord? do we have one yet? let's just start a rant where we all dump our discord tags and we can spin up a server.


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    One exists already, don't reinvent the wheel huh.
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    i hate chat, i hate people
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    I've seen like 2-3 "unofficially official" dev Rant discords and about 4 smaller ones that pop up ocassionally because the couldn't find the others.. and that's just the ones I've noticed.
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    Yeah devRant discords just die after a week or two, I've been in one and its forgotten about now. But I think a messaging service would be nice. It would be delightful. Although some people dont want it so just make it an option to not receive DMs in the settings or sumn idk. I think we should have some way to communicate privately tho..
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    i would like an irc style chat. no notifications, nothing. pop in and out whenever. if you don't want to chat, just don't pop in. but I didn't know that there were attempts already.
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    I think Private Messages would be a good start - as it was mentioned, have an option to opt-in or opt-out and there shouldn't be much problems (theoretically), then try out group chats later ... or have interconnectivity with external messaging apps like Slack, Discord, RocketChat, etc.

    I think what keeps this idea on the shelf is the risk of:
    - people abusing messaging to bully, harass or troll people (remember - there are people affected by various levels of depression on here too... what happens when thanks to some jackoff someone gets hurt and does something you no longer can fix?);

    - people chatting away more than they would post rants, turning dev Rant into dev Chat;

    - people generating astronomically much more 'content' requiring more infra. resources, and in turn, more upkeep costs;
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