devRant's gamification really does work! I find myself coming back at least twice a day :O

How often do you check in here?

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    10-20 times daily. It is my imgur
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    Way too often 😂 I like reading rants
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    @Charon92 The upvotes, points, notifications, avatars all play into a basic level of gamification
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    Anything that makes me wait more that 1.5s => dR
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    @ScriptCoded undefined variable "dR"

    @Charon92 Avatar perks unlock at certain levels, kinda. Also, the ++ badge, I forgot about that one.

    Imho gamification has dozens of methods and rarely is achieved the same way or to the same extent. There are some widely-used aspects missing here like death, enemies, goals or as you mentioned a clearly defined level system, but there's some play to it. I'm not saying it's a game per se, but gamification methods are applied to it
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    Return? I never left.
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    I live here. Who do you think makes the coffee around here?
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    @CoffeeNcode developers only drink proper tea
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    @jespersh real devs drink whatever the fuck they want
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    Well this should say enough
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