Forgive me devrant for I have sinned... I'm going to use a website builder to design my businesses website...

(No it's not word press, I may be a fool but I at least have standards)

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    Just for educational purposes, which one? :D
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    @jonmi well I'm going to go to namecheap for the domain and hosting and apparently it includes a website builder with good API comparability so thought I might give it a whirl!
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    @lxmcf Ah okay, good luck!
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    @lxmcf Don't lie to us. We know it's Wix.
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    @Jilano *breaks down in tears* it's Dreamweaver!
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    No shame in trying to save some time.
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    @lxmcf "with the Wix plugin!" *Rolls on the floor crying*
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    Trying to imagine the conversation some developers have with clients:

    Client: “I want to publish a blog about my products. I’d like to use WordPress because I’ve used it before and I understand how to publish posts that way.”
    Developer: “No. Never use WordPress. The code is messy and it’s so important to have purity in code. Pay me to publish each of your posts in my own pure way.”
    Client: “....???”

    Now, Wix, that I can agree is bad. But WordPress is a compromise we need to learn to live with if we want to be hired, especially as freelancers.
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    WordPress is usable, WordPress is actively developed, WordPress allows for easy theme- and plugin-creation.

    I don't care the code sucks, it is hell of a tool to bring sites up quickly while giving my clients a neat UI to publish their stuff.. Win win!
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    *voice of old fucker who everybody trusts with no extra reason*

    Just use Frontpage, son!
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    @ananaszjoe geez remember the time before css?
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    @ananaszjoe just realized that replying to my own comment has no semantic merit to anyone else but me in this UI 😔
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    @nordlicht I don't deny any of that. It's just a bit too bloated for me
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