You can't be a web developer without having beef with GoDaddy

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    I'm not a web developer but I sure hate GoDaddy, used them once and regret it now I use nameheap thanks to @linux for recommending them.

    GoDaddy gave me issues with their hosted email, website is buggy and bad on my connection (2Mbps)
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    hey nice you bought your domain at us! it's $9.99 this year.

    one year later
    do you want to renew your domain? for only $299 a year it's yours.
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    @heyheni they do that? I just have terrible experiences with their hosting and non technical customer support.
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    @gitpush namecheap > GoDaddy 💪💪💪
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    @ErvinSabic it sure is 😀
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    GoDaddy is the McAfe of domain sites
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    @jschmold that's what I do.
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    I have never had beef with GoDaddy, but I have had majour problems with Versio. The "refresh hosting" option was turned off globally. But somehow they just ignore that option and hide the actual option in 100 layer deep context menu.
    When I confronted them about it they said nothing we can do now you owe us 20 euros.
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    Love seeing this guy over and over again though
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    I had to fix someone's WordPress issue in Godaddy once.
    Connected using SSH.
    Turns out that you can't even use mod_rewrite without many dirty hacks.
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