I think the worst feeling ever is taking a break from something, then coming back to it and realizing that you have to rewrite something because you put it off before you took a break.

I've had a lot going on lately, and I decided to work on a web dev project I was doing to get the hang of frontend development. Just realized that I have to rewrite a couple functions. Someone kill me now

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    While I get the frustration all too well, that's not too bad, it's part of the learning process
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    @CoffeeNcode It was just a couple functions I had to rewrite, and I really wasn't in the mood for that shit yesterday. I'll probably do it later today. Most of it is turning stuff dynamic rather than having static values, and I have to rebuild a little config menu I was using for that.
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    @infernalempress I can absolutely relate to the "not in the mood for this shit", so I'm not judging
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