New job today, here is my start so far:
coworker: Hi, first you have to set up your lamp project..
me: Good, let's do it.. Please give me the repo git URL
coworker: here is everything, but.... the database is on MySQL.
me: ok, did you have any TeamSQL or something to track this?
coworker: nop.
me: check the database and see the whole file size is 4GB.... Checking the file on plain .txt i see the problem WORDPRESS.

So far to import this file on my LAMP i use Bigdump script and works like a charm.

coworker: Take it easy dude, it's your first day. You can do this task in a few days, don't rush it.

me: :/

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    Shit happens.
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    WordPress happens l u l
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    hope he was joking about that take a few days part.
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    I don't think it so bad doing a task "in a few days" instead of the typical "asap". ;-)
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    @Wolle sure, but a coworker at a new workplace telling you to slow down is just a dick move. It just looks like they don't want OP's boss to know that the OP is a better and efficient worker.
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    @Yahoo maybe it's that! Or they do The things with no rush at all... I just put It together in a vagrant and upload the repo details..

    New timming for this is the 6mins that vagrant Needs to run first time..
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