OMG! What are you doing guys, the ultimate offer is here by Godaddy. Now I can afford food and domain at the same time, thanks Godaddy!

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    1 paise reduction is the best offer I have ever seen
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    @Root Indian system.

    Three then two then two and so on, instead of regular 3's.
    Goes till tens of thousands the "usual" way, then a separator for one lakh, which is one tenth of a million or hundred thousand. Then next separator for 1 crore, which is one hundred lakhs. And so on.

    We don't have millions or billions.

    And the number after the dot is in "paisa" or hundredths of a rupee.
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    @RememberMe So weird.

    I'm a dev. I like consistency, not edge cases.
    Same reason why I love the Oxford comma!
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    @Root the weird bit is the thousand, yeah, the others are consistent at two places.

    Well to be fair we are taught both systems at primary school so we're pretty much comfortable in both. This system is generally used for everyday stuff and money. In science and engineering and so on we use millions and billions etc. Also, full use of SI everywhere. So fairly consistent overall.

    Oxford comma ftw, yes.
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