So, the other day a friend of mine called me. It's been years that I haven't talked to this girl. She says "can you do me a favour?". I asked "what?". To which she replies "My Facebook account has been hacked. Can you do something and destroy the guys pc? Don't let him create any other account or even let him use the internet. Ban him from the internet or do something.
And I was like

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    I used to know someone who claimed his dad's friend could "ban people from the internet". Basically exactly what you said. New computer? NAH you're banned from the internet, you're fucked!

    I remember explaining to him that it's not possible without like consistent sabotage and shit. "Nah, he can just do some stuff and ban you from the internet forever"
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    @infernalempress such a comedy. Would love to watch the movie of it Haha
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    She believes in you.
    You can do it @nishchitm 😅
    Go for it 🤣
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    @M1sf3t urg the orange again.

    as far as i know..trump does the money he have not cause he was ever a successful businesmen..ever. He inherited it, with enough money you can bully people into bad deals. Once you have a lot of money its nigh impossible to loss it all even with being the worst business man ever..as is apparent with trump. So no, i would wager that trump never worked a single day in his live a honest mens jobs.

    [citiation needed]

    read up about the guy 2 years back..my brain tends to paraphrase knowledge which is totally not equal with facts..there might be a lot of opinion in it
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    @M1sf3t as a german i see all those things more from a sidelane. As a (self described) logical person the only thing i can say is "not enough data"

    there seems to be a lot of influence duo different factions and actors, be it the russians, human greed or simply stupidity. there are underlying fundamental problems in american politics and trump is just a sympton..its not like the guy is unique, most dement egocentric people are that way..i only glanced over the sanders/clinton stuff but there seemed be a lot of politics involved. A more levelheaded, educated populance might have steered the whole thing in another direction.

    one way or another..i expect nothing from a country that thinks its fine to have exactly two parties to represent ultra complex matters, especially when those parties are very sameish. If not for the ripples and the small size of this planet i couldnt care less. But unfortunatly it is what it is..i will pray to fortuna between coding
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    @M1sf3t politics is a complex matter i am comfortable to discuss after a few beer, although i like to have internet at hand for some quick facts/argument check.

    as one of my hydra heads is a dev and another one an engineer i try to stick to my own interpretation of morale but everything beyond that is "out of scope" or "above the paygrade". I see problems, but i have no feasible solutions for said lack of data, therefore there is a not a lot to do for me, except to make the world a better place where i can..and that is the small office where i do system adminstration, develop programs and build machines. My abilities might come in handy when the world needs to rebuild, if there is anything to be rebuild. But i have no tools to rescue this one
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    @M1sf3t a study friend of mine works for the Salzgitter AG (huge german steel producer), when those importat tariffs were rolling around i was chatting with him, he said those taxes arent affecting them much, german steel is unrivaled (1) and the muricans have no alternative so those taxes translate to price increases

    (1)special steel types, there is a lot of knowledge in them, a simple one is 22MnB5 for instance..and that one is already hard to get as i learned in brazil
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