I'm doing some solo karaoking again but with some oldies that I haven't sung in probably 10-15 years. Not my usual song track.

And since I'm deaf, I can't hear the tune, just see the timed words. And just found it interesting the general tune can be recalled at first at all.

Then after a few times, I started remembering how some of the actual singers sound like. But still stumble a bit on some parts.

And then a few weeks. And I have another session and somehow I can pretty much lip sync it with all the emotions and almost perfectly I think.

I just found it strange and wanted to write this down somewhere while I still remember it. And I guess that's sorta the point. Feels like the mind/subconscious to remember things really well but recalling them at either the right moment or randomly....

Anyone else have similar experiences? Wanna share?

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    For a tech analogy. It sorta feels like downloading from cold storage/ You got RAM, HD, and then there's Tape Storage...
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    Knowledge triggers on related stimulation. I though it is usual for humans in general 🤔
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    @irene yea but its just sorta amazing its like a lost memory then one trigger and "it's coming back to me now"

    That's actually from asong I was just singing 😁
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    @billgates sometimes it bites you in the ass when you recall something unpleasant to some stimuli.
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    @irene True I try not to remember those.

    I guess these memories were stored quite well for some reason but why did my brain decide to remember these instead of some others I wish I remembered...

    Like out of all childhood memories, what does it say when these seem to be the ones that got retained the best?
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    @billgates I don't remember being a child at all. 🤔
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    @stillwater nah. My childhood probably was so dull, boring and unfulfilling that there's nothing to remember at all
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