Node introducing Javascript as more than a front end web language was definately the start of the apocalypse. Just because you can use javascript/html/CSS to build a desktop or mobile app doesn't mean you should.

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    Get outta here, bad choices aren't limited to Javascript. I've got node in prod with >2years uptime.
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    JS has been part of the Adobe suites and other software in content creation/3D for years, so it wasn't just Node that pushed it along.

    I've personally built a full customer, event, image download cataloging and tagging, order management, schedule management and production system, etc. on the back of HTML, CSS and two scripting languages ... JS on the front end and an obscure language called Webbatch on the back end which I used to build our database (an admittedly odd choice, but I'm the only dev and don't know SQL).

    It runs in the browser, but I can interact with programs on the server - launching anything I want - including dynamically generating JS which is fed to Photoshop to build our products.

    I run my entire business via this one system.

    Is it a good technology choice? Well, it was the only one available to me at the time.

    Anyway, all of that is to say, the languages are only as good as what you make with them ... I seriously dig JS and have no problems using it.
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    Why you no like JS server side?
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    Back in '84 (I think, couple of years before I was born) NeXT adopted display postscript as it's rendering technology. Away and program in postscript for a bit and tell me that JavaScript is the worst language to escape its origins...
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    @androso server side JS I dont really mind, I quite like Express.js, it's great for quickly building scalable app services. My main dig is with the way Javascripts is going is say Android/iOS app creation using Javascript or the likes of Electron/NW apps. Sure it's nice and convenient because Javascript, but that's not a good enough reason to use it, use some language that was built for it.

    You could use a craft knife instead of a scalpel to preform surgery, but really why would you.
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    @mhall this is kind of my point, you used it because you know it, but that doesn't mean it was the best choice, it's great that it worked out for you but this is my problem with it, rather than going away and researching the best tool for the job, someone Sees "javascript" and immediately jumps to that choice.
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    @brod never said everything bad was in javascript, sure Node has its uses, but would you go away and develop and android app using Node?
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    @smithalan2 most of the time yeah, I'm not a game dev or building the next facebook, I just push data around so my performance requirements are that of a Nokia 3310.
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