Me: chooses English for language, French for keyboard (because that's what my keyboard happens to be), speaks Dutch natively

Windows: oh great! You've told me to display everything in Windows in English. So I'll just show you the Windows store in Dutch, French and English (edit, and Russian in one of the Store tabs, for God knows why), all at once! Because who cares about your language settings anyway, right. You appear to be from Belgium from your IP, so obviously you speak both of these languages despite your personal preferences. Additionally, have some Candy Crush Soda Saga that you've never asked for.

And the application that you wanted to install - Ubuntu? Fuck you, you can't install it, for "reasons" that we've conveniently put in French, because you obviously speak that, right.


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    Inb4 someone tells me some of the following:
    - cheap hardware
    - driver error
    - user error
    - obscure drivers
    - wtf have you done with your machine

    This is a fresh installation. I'm currently in the midst of configuring it and I'm already having shit like this. Go figure. I'll even send you the entire fucking image if you so insist.
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    The Russian tab is also there on my girlfriends not-weird windows. God knows what it is
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    ROFL... Deserves more ++...
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    Did you try to go to the Settings and uninstall the unwanted lang packages?
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    I know right...
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    @Bitkris yes, I had it set to English (Belgium) with French keyboard exclusively, then changed it to English (United States) under the assumption that perhaps Microsoft just half-assed the Belgian language pack, and the fucking issues are still present. Because who cares about language preferences..? I can't even...
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    While I'm completely with you on the fact that this is just utterly stupid, if you ever have this kind of issue again, don't hesitate to post it here. There are a lot of languages on devRant and I'm sure people would be glad to help you translate things.
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    If you need a translation of the "reasons" @ me, I'm a native French speaker
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    @Brosyl @frickerg after changing the locale (by lack of a better term, no idea what it's called in Windows) to English (US) and rebooting, the entire app store got changed into English as it should.. so most likely Microsoft just half-assed their local English language packs, haha. Thanks a lot for the offer though, I'll keep it in mind 😃
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    @Condor I have similar issues with the keyboard layout. It is always strictly in Swiss German except when I use OneNote, it switches between UK, US, FR and DE... No idea how but just let me use my Laptop in English language with a Swiss German keyboard layout in every application ffs!
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    Windows started having language issues with the previous feature update.
    Half the UI in Danish, other half in English.
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