20+ years of experience and I hate where this industry is headed. Sure, we have second year grads telling us that they're "Full Stack" developers - but, imo... that's a "Full Stack of Bullshit".

I started developing online properties in 1989, at the ripe age of 17. Bulletin Board Systems. I knew the user experience before it was tagged onto some fuckwad's wonder-filled LinkedIn profile.

When I say, "Don't use that" - it's not the result of a control freak mechanism that seems to be built into every Facebitch/Twatter/SnatchChat fool in existence.

I do so, because I care enough to guide team members in the proper direction so they aren't driving themselves and others off a goddamn cliff, drooling onto mobile device like it's God's penis.

So, of course they do the complete opposite. Fail miserably. Finger point like the typical douche bags. And, slowly destroy the income of everyone around them.

At this point, I'd rather be homeless than to deal with anymore toxic bullshit. So, I'm done. Set up an exit strategy, and walked away from the highest paying position I ever had.

Fuck them and the full stack of bullshit they rode in on. Onward and upwards, fucktards. Enjoy finger-pointing into the mirror.

Back to Earth, in... 3 - 2 - 1.

(Takes a sip of coffee.)

So, how's everyone doing this fine morning?

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    Wow, that was dense...
    I am still young, and I really wish to have that 20 years of experience.
    Too many times I see more ways to do something, but I have no clue of pros or cons of any of them...
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    A fullstacker doing its laundry, thinking it would be nice to work with such senior developer
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    @h4xx3r same man, same...
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    The whole point of being experienced is exactly this. They don't know it till they experienced it. They underestimate it like fuck till they experienced it. They don't listen, like i didn't too when i was young, till they experienced it.
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    That's what I call a rant 😯 good to see stuff like that on devRant again.

    And welcome to devRant 😘
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    That is some deep shit. Props.
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    Man, I know quite a lot of stuff already, but there's so much more to learn about languages, software development and technology in general; in fact it's so much that nobody will ever know everything, so nobody should pretend they do.
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    wow !!!
    Well its the biggest problem in the Earth that less intelligent people are more confident.

    Beside it let me ask you a question. What would you suggest to a guy starting computer science carrier starting at the age of 30. Thanks :)
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    @b3b3 I felt it was a highly appropriate introduction. lol Glad you guys seem to really appreciate it.
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    @mngr @h4xx3r @remiL33t

    Understand that there were only two "Full Stack Developers" acknowledged as such up to 1992.

    "Full Stack" meant EVERY stack. And, there were only two people in the entire world that deserved that as a title. From Fortran to Assembly to php to user Interfaces to databases... they were able to do ANYTHING.

    So, today, you would have to understand LAMP, MAMP, WAMP, MEAN, MERN, MEVN and everything language and framework in-between.

    Learn the basics: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript.

    Then move into PHP and - my personal favorite of the new languages - Go (aka "Golang".)

    Understand JSON, RestAPIs and the tools that are used for them - such as Postman and the browser's Inspector.

    Stay away from frameworks of any sort (until you, at least, understand why they work - at which point, quite frankly, you'll never want to use them.)
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    @irene - It's not the web that's bullshit. Just like, when a developer blames a programming language for something they can't seem to do correctly. It's not the language's fault, it's the developer's inability to use it correctly - or even worse - to choose the proper language to use.

    I literally laughed out loud because of the devRant Duck. I wonder how many folks here understand what that symbolizes to a programmer.

    If any of you don't know the magic of Duck Debugging (which can also be applied to life, in general), then take a look.

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    @gymmerDeveloper - Agreed. We've all been there, but my generation raised the current generation (I'm a 46 year-old antiquity.)

    There seems to be an overall failure in terms of proper communication these days, caused by social media. It's redefined everything, from a "Like" to a "Share" - and worst of all, a "Friend".

    I will be ranting on that - and how it's affected our industry - soon, for sure.
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    @filthyranter @mrUnfused

    It's a never-ending trip down the rabbit hole. However, that's it's strength as well - if you choose to jump into it instead of falling helplessly.

    Here's something that was told to me over a decade ago, that I never forgot:

    "The greatest teachers, are those who refuse to stop being students."
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    @filthyranter @mrUnfused

    As mentioned above, I just turned 46. I buy courses on Udemy like people buy Funko Pop! figures nowadays. I also love Treehouse (https://teamtreehouse.com).

    I was a 16 year-old dropout. At 300lbs, was placing tar on roofs in Florida and kicked carpet for a couple of years in my mid-20's. Saving every cent, to buy a new computer.

    It takes a lot of work, and even though I was making a great salary at the last place I worked - I saved my money. Didn't buy shit that wasn't critical to living a normal life. Didn't pay more for anything that I needed to do myself.

    I'm FAR from rich (in money, at least) - but I now have one year to create a product of my own choosing. I want it to be fun, profitable, and focused on rescuing colleagues from the shit I had to go through. If that doesn't work, then I have a year to get "back to the grind."

    We're all architects - and the direct place we need to start is rebuilding (or "refactoring") ourselves.
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    @Hypergeek look forward to that
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    @Hypergeek I am more a developer of a different stack, I am taking the way of the low level, digital design, firmware, and something of mechatronics because i stumbled upon that.
    I love to hear what older people can teach!
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    "Full stack" should be tested on everything since server to frontend.
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    Senpai 😱
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    Full stack tooday is just ... I can learn fast to be productive ... End
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    'Full stack' means everything I use is related to JavaScript.
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    There has not been a single Full Stack Developer in existence past the early 90's. Up to then, there were only two in the entire world.
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