If you think deploying on a Friday is bad try deploying on a Saturday. :,(

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    I actually don't believe deploying on Friday is bad. I believe in continuous delivery and it's not continuous-but-not-on-Friday delivery for a reason. If you build a system that is well tested, have proper monitoring and easy way to roll back the deploy - not deploying on Friday is a stupid thing to do.
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    @Taqriaqsuk this is real life! Nothing goes right and you find super bugs when you deploy to your production environment.
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    Actually deploying on Saturday is way more relaxed than the Friday stress. Not much going on in the office, no manager/ client breathing down your neck because they want to call it a day but „need to make sure“ everything is up and running before they leave. On Saturday you can take your time, make it work properly, test yourself. Your result will be checked on Monday (and by then you hopefully finished ;D)
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    @beepboop No, I find bugs on staging. When sometimes bugs are found, I roll back and take a look at them on Monday. I call this real life, contrary to "let's see how it will go" deploys.
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    "What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?"
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    That's what nightmares are made of...
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    Haha, BOI my schedule, dosent matter if it's Friday or Sunday or Saturday

    School: 8-4
    Work: 6-11
    Sleep: 11-8

    And u only get about 4-5 brakes in a month for work and about 6 for school :)))))👌
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    @Taqriaqsuk Came to comment something similar. Totally agree!

    Continuous integration and continuous delivery, if you are afraid of deploying anytime we want, we have to fix that shit. It's either legacy system or infra or process you follow, doesn't matter.

    If you are not able to iterate fast, fix that shit!
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