Dev: Ok issue fixed, you just need to log out and back in again on your end to receive the fix

User: It’s still not working

Dev: Did you log out and in again?

User: No why would I want to do that?

Dev: It’ll reset your locally saved login information which is causing the issue

User: I thought you said the issue was fixed?

Dev: On our end yes, we just need you to reset your end in order to receive the fixed version

User: Look I have been dealing with this issue for 6 months. Fixing bugs are your responsibility. I have too much to do, you have to get this fixed. *click*.

Dev: Yeah you submitted the bug ticket yesterday night though

Email from users manager later that day: <User> is saying you are refusing to fix this bug. This is unacceptable. Fix it or else I will escalate this. Also there are other bugs we noticed today too, fixing them is absolutely critical!

Dev: …

Dev: What other bugs did you notice?

*no response for 2 weeks and then:

User: Hey you can close this ticket, the issue seems to have resolved itself.

Dev: ….muppet.

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    Tbh should have ended it at:

    Dev: Did you log out and log back in?
    User: No, why would I do that?
    Dev: Because I'm the dev and I said so.
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    @bananaerror Queue the meeting with management and HR about the need to treat others with more respect if I did that
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    I had some bitch do this to me. So I asked them, "are you unable or unwilling to logout?"

    They replied with a bunch of shit talk blaming me for their problems.

    I just signed in, destroyed their session from the server, and replied they will need to login again to see the changes.

    You can't work with assholes, but you can fuck their shit up.

    The irony is that they needed to sign in again to see the update to the ticket.
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    @sariel lol, just nuke the session from orbit 🤣
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    @iiii I wish, this was from before I built that ability. Queue the ticket about “Users randomly getting logged out all the time” after it happens once.
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    @boombodies wipe it off as a browser glitch and/or cookie corruption.
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    If you have a garbage asshole customer, you have to collect all your energy and reply with the most pollite message you could ever write. It will make the most of them realize how assholes they are, and feel ashamed. Priceless
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    Our customers are much better. They logout (not once but as many times we ask them to), uninstall and reinstall their primary browser, try some other Browser, try on mobile devices (not one but many) and reboot their machines, too. I am very lucky and fortunate

    It boils down to actually being able to help resolve issues and show some empathy. Team work for the win
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    @blindXfish you must not work with many entitled Americans.

    Anytime I did this they automatically think I'm conceding and giving them dominance over me.

    Now I just state the cold hard irrefutable facts.

    Can't be called unprofessional if I'm only doing what a chatbot would do.
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    Lads, as upper management...this is my recommendation. After every interaction like this, send a fucking email that starts with: "As per our phone conversation..." and detail EVERYTHING that you told them to do regarding the situation.

    These items are DOCUMENTATION and they will save your ass whenever you get dense-overly-idiotic users like the ones OP was talking about.
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    @AleCx04 Really good advice. I’m just going to keep this one in my dev journal though. User is friends with the owner, anyone who makes this user look bad is out the door not soon after.
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    I’m just wondering.. isn’t there an option for the admin/dev to log them out ? It’s always best to minimise user involvement in the resolution process (precisely to avoid situations like the one you described).
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    @-red Wasn’t until later that we implemented this. For this exact reason
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    Can’t you clear their browser cache using JavaScript?

    I agree with all the other posts here, but isn’t that a way you can fix this? You shouldn’t need to do this I agree, but technically speaking…
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    sometimes a user assumes devs can "push a fix to the user".

    Kinda like if they hired a craftsman to install a new door and it was faulty - they expect the craftsman to come and replace it at your house rather than having to bring it to their shop.

    Sometimes you need to explain like their kids. "In this situation it's kinda like you got denied at the airport because the passport system was broken. We fixed it but you gotta go to the airport again to get on the plane. We can't send the plane to you"
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    Hire someone to deal with customers, someone that majored in political science preferably. And you will reduce the stress by 90%. 10% left because now you still have to dum it down for the middle man. Although fon experience, people seem to prefer middle woman, but that's not how the saying goes.
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    Just invalidate the login cookies.
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