Doing the stuff we learned in math today in C on my phone in portrait mode on a root server in my ssh app with mobile data in my free time in school is just some next level shit

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    ++ for putting what you've learned into practice, but a small tip - don't run everything as root for no reason, it's dangerous and potentially hazardous, unless the server in question is just a sandbox and you wouldn't loose much by wiping it clean at any time.
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    @theKarlisK it's just one of my Servers I usually use as socks Proxy, there is nothing else on it. But thanks, you reminded me, I need to create some none-root users.
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    @EaZyCode if it's 'just one of many' with nothing on it it shouldn't be a real problem. It's when you fiddle with scripts and something goes terribly wrong and wish you had set it up properly before you end up with a non-booting server or delete something you really needed... or worse - delete someone else really needed.
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    LOL test.c and a.out - I'm doing the same. ^^
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    Not next level, but ++ for the derivatives
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    Gradient descent?
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    @BadFox it's a way of finding the zeroes of a function called newton's method. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    dude... teach me...
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